Hej, welcome & thank you for visiting my shop!

Here you will find ceramic pieces for sale, carefully designed and handcrafted in my studio on Lundagatan 46 in Stockholm. Most ceramics are made upon request. I’m always making some extras for the possibility to put it here on the webshop.

Each object is a one of a kind, made with dedicated craftsmanship. I throw on the potters wheel, glaze and fire in the studio. Objects purchased online that are made to order will be delivered within 8-10 weeks. Objects that I have on the shelf will be delivered ASAP.

Have a look around. When you found what you like - send me a message hej@ingridunsold.se for order. Also contact me if you DON'T find what you are looking for. You might have seen it on my Instagram and I might just have it sitting on my shelf.  

When picking up your orders in the studio there is the option to pay by

SWISH: 123 296 77 76.